About CNVbase

Welcome to CNVbase, the database of human genomic copy number variation (CNV) and online tool to identify novel CNV! CNVbase archives the CNV data collected from various human populations in the world. You can search CNVs in any human genomic regions of interest using our Table Browser. We provide three ways of searching: genome coordinate, chromsome band, or gene name. The CNV data in this database are based on the human genome assembly NCBI37/hg19.

Novel CNV mutations and rare CNVs have been known as a very important genetic factor in human diseases. Therefore, we provide an online tool to identify novel CNVs and rare CNVs by batch processing and comparing between the genome-wide CNV data of any human individuals (uploaded by users) and the human CNV records archieved in our database. Using NovelCNV Finder.

When citing the CNVbase, please refer to: Zhang C, Lu J, Lou H, Du R, Xu S, Shen Y, Zhang F, Jin L (2017) CNVbase: Batch identification of novel and rare copy number variations based on multi-ethnic population data. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 44:367-370. PubMed PMID: 28739046


This database is supported by National Key Basic Research Program of China (2012CB944600).